Marriage Preparation


Why do I need any preparation?

Getting married is about more than planning one day. Apart from planning the details of your service, the Priest taking your service is likely to offer some form of ‘marriage preparation’.  However long you and your partner have been together, getting married is a big step for you both, and it is worth spending some time thinking about what it means in the long term as well as planning the details of the wedding day.

Forms that Marriage Preparation may take.
Forms of marriage preparation vary – in larger parishes this is often arranged on a group basis. Each priest, and each parish, is likely to do things differently.

In this Benefice, you will be encouraged to reflect on the words of the vows that you will take and to discuss with each other and the priest what they mean to you. This may be done in a separate meeting or as you plan the service together.


Resources available.

There are some good books available to help you to think about Christian marriage and what it means in today’s context. The following book is recommended:
Parsons, Rob (1997) The Sixty Minute Marriage, Hodder and Stoughton

Some things to think about and discuss
As some popular TV shows demonstrate, there is often a lot we don’t know about our partner, however long we have been together. The priest may point you to questionnaires that encourage discussion.  Apart from being fun, it can help to explore with each other some of these important areas if you haven’t already done so. You may well surprise each other.
A final word…

It may not seem very appropriate to think about this when you are just planning your wedding, but do remember that RELATE will offer counselling to couples at all stages of a relationship. Planning a wedding can itself be something that drives people apart – do seek help sooner rather than later if you need it.