Planning the Service


The Starting Point

In this pack, you will find a copy of the standard order of service for a wedding. If yours is to be a wedding blessing, please ask and we will give you the standard order of service.

Making the service your own

In either case, this is then adapted to suit you – by adding your chosen music, hymns and readings. Also, certain aspects of the service (but not all) can be adapted. For example, some couples like to include the traditional words of ‘giving away’, whilst others do not. Additional prayers can be included – for those who have recently died, for example.
These are things that the Priest taking your service will discuss with you. You will need to have several meetings to sort out the details.

What if I want a different priest to take the service?

Perhaps you have a relative or friend who is a priest qualified to take a wedding service in the Church of England? This is not usually a problem, and can make for a service that is very personal. Please discuss this with the Priest in Charge early in the process, and we can decide together who will take which parts of the service for you.

Things you will need to consider

The following is a list of things you are likely to need to choose:
2 readings (one must be from the Bible)
2 or 3 hymns
entry and exist music
who will be your witnesses
music during the signing of the register

To help you get started

Often people need some help choosing Bible readings and hymns. This pack includes a sample of Bible passages that are suitable for a wedding and a list of hymns and music that you might consider. There are also a number of secular readings that have been used. ‘Bride’ Magazines sometimes give away free CDs of wedding music – use these or the internet to listen to some examples. All this – and any special requests - can then be discussed with the Priest taking your service.