Regular services

Our Sunday Services

Regular pattern of Sunday services in the Downland Benefice

There is at least one service of Holy Communion every Sunday in the Benefice.

As our numbers are small, the three congregations of Poynings, Newtimber and Pyecombe have combined and worship together in each of the three churches on a rotation basis - always at 10am on a Sunday morning. This development is relatively recent, but we feel that it gives greater depth and fellowship to our services with an average congregation of between 30 and 40. The pattern is a regular one and is given below.

Edburton has not yet joined this pattern, but has its own service of Holy Communion twice a month at 11am.

In addition, there is a monthly evening service at 6pm in Pyecombe which is more informal and varied - usually taking a topical or seasonal theme.

Worship in the Benefice follows the Anglican Common Worship Order One, with seasonal variations as appropriate. It is neither ‘high’ nor ‘low’, but in the mainstream of the Anglican tradition. We enjoy refreshments and fellowship in church after every service. Visitors and newcomers - including children of all ages - are always welcome - indeed, we seem to attract those from nearby areas who appreciate a traditional but not old fashioned service. Although we do not have a choir, we are blessed with organists willing to play for all our services, and we enjoy singing. At the evening service in Pyecombe, we often have a visiting choir, band or other musicians to help us.

First Sunday of every month
10am  Holy Communion Poynings
11am  Holy Communion Edburton

Second Sunday of every month
10am  Holy Communion Newtimber
  6pm  Evening Service Pyecombe

Third Sunday of every month
10am  Holy Communion Poynings
11am  Holy Communion Edburton

Fourth Sunday of every month
10am  Holy Communion Pyecombe

Fifth Sunday (when there is one)
10am  Holy Communion Newtimber

Services of morning and evening prayer in the week

Evening Prayer is said in one of the churches on three evenings of the week, and Morning Prayer once a week. This is an opportunity for quiet reflection at the beginning or end of the day, as well as being a time when intercessions are offered on a regular basis for those who ask for our prayers. It is a said service, and we use the liturgy for Morning and Evening Prayer in Common Worship, with seasonal variations. The service includes a psalm and a reading from both Old and New Testaments.
The weekly pattern is given below.

Evening Prayer:  Monday 6pm St Andrew’s, Edburton;
  Tuesday 5pm St John the Evangelist, Newtimber;
  Wednesday 6pm The Transfiguration, Pyecombe.

Morning Prayer:  Wednesday 9am Holy Trinity, Poynings.

If you would value a quiet time, do come and join us - there may be as many as 10 people or as few as two, but God is always with us.

Special services

At special times such as Christmas, Holy Week and Easter or for special occasions such as Mothering Sunday, we have additional services, which will be advertised on our monthly news sheet.