Wedding Fees

What will it cost?

Fees for Weddings and Wedding Blessings 2010

Fees for weddings are set nationally, and subject to increase each year by a small amount. So please note that if you are planning a wedding a year ahead, these rates may well be slightly increased. Please note that these fees do NOT include payment of the organist, any choir, or for flowers in the Church.


Banns have to be read in the place where you are to be married and also in the place (or places, if you live separately) where you live, if this is different. Each will charge £22. In addition, there is a charge of £12 for the certificate that will be given to you to say that banns have been read in each of the place or places where you live.

Marriage Service.  

The cost of the marriage service is £260, plus £3.50 for the marriage certificate (£7 if you need a copy at a later date).  

Blessing of Marriage.

The fee for a service of Blessing is set locally rather than nationally. The service is very similar to a full marriage service, and involves a similar amount of time (in terms of preparation etc) from the point of view of the person taking it. In this Benefice, it has been agreed that the fee should be £250. No banns will be needed, and no certificate (or licence) is issued, so this is all that is paid.

Paying the fees.  

Fees should be paid before the service takes place. Fees for Banns for the church/es in the place where you live must be paid to them before a certificate will be given. In respect of our fees, we would be grateful if these were paid either in cash or by separate cheques to enable them to be given to the right persons.  

To the Church (e.g. Poynings PCC)           £141 (£7 for banns + £134 for the marriage)

To the Priest                                                  £141 (£15 for banns +£126 for the marriage)

To the Diocese                                              £3.50  for the marriage certificate.

If the service is taken by the priest-in-charge, a cheque should be made out to ‘Chichester DBF’ for the latter two sums: i.e. for a total of £144.50p, as the priest’s part of the marriage and banns fees is sent to the Diocese as a contribution to her pay.

If a retired (unpaid) cleric takes the service, £126 is given to them and £3.50 + £15 (£18.50) to ‘Chichester DBF’. In each case, another £141 is made out to the relevant PCC.

For a wedding blessing, the whole amount is payable to the Church (e.g. Poynings PCC).